Ms. Solaris BlueRaven

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Ms. BlueRaven's services. 

Tarot and Timeline Astrology Sessions Available.

Solaris BlueRaven is a world renown psychic,clairvoyant and remote viewer. She offers Tarot, Oracle and Timeline Astrology sessions to those in search of mystical insight. All appointments are done by phone or Skype. Ms. BlueRaven is a mystical scientist with an extensive background in the craft,  occult  and exotic technology oriented areas. She is also a skilled Master Teacher in the healing arts. To request a session contact Ms. BlueRaven for more information at [email protected]

Fees: $244.00 an hour.  $311.00 for one hour and 1/2. For quick consultations $111.00 for 30 minutes. Packages can be made available. Understand that one manifests at will ones own reality. There are times when ones reality collides with an exterior direction not caused by the subject. Perhaps one needs more clarity. 

Ask me about the my special 2020 discount. 

I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will communicate to you through a Multi-universal compass a direction which perhaps will empower you on your journey not only through this world yet many multi-universes as well.

Solaris is now offering sessions for Remote Distant Healing and Astral inter-dimensional entity parasite removal. Sessions are $244.00 per session. Please contact Ms. BlueRaven if you would like to schedule a session. 

Solaris BlueRaven has over 35 years experience in Ancient healing modalities and practices. She is a certified practitioner and expert in Metaphysical Sciences and Occult Sciences. For more information on classes, attunements and workshops see her sister website at You will find rates for classes or sessions. 

Ms. BlueRaven is available for life coaching and consults, house blessings or anomaly assessments. To request a session contact [email protected] or use the contact form. This is for a session only. All other emails will be reported as spam. 

Ms. BlueRaven's published works are available on or Authorhouse books.

Solaris is the host of Hyperspace on KCOR Digital Radio Network each Friday at 12 Midnight EST/09:00 PST. Ms. BlueRaven  is a public speaker with an expertise in the field of covert technology and advanced mystical sciences. 

If you are interested in contacting Ms. BlueRaven for a radio show, presentation at your conference or a private session you may reach out by emailing [email protected] This is for radio shows/conference or private sessions only. All other inquires will be sent to SPAM or sent to the cyber division. Thank you. Nightshadow Management

Bright Blessings,

Ms. BlueRaven