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Magickal Seasons, Alchemical thoughts

Posted by [email protected] on July 25, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Hello Everyone and welcome to my website. We are in a unique timeline to create and manifest a design of which is alchemical to ones celestial consciousness. The seasons change quickly enough as we witness moments of experience moving through the vastness of the multi-verse. Time in the illusion moves us onward into many dimensional facets of space beyond this illusion of experience. My projects as an Author are busy with writing, editing,training,radio shows,public speaking and investigations. This website is designed to allow those who would like a timeline reading to connect in and contact me. My rates are $344.00 for one and 1/2 hour. You will find these sessions are unique onto the seeker. All of my sessions are on Skype or phone unless I am at a public event. I also offer a three card divinity consult for $111.00 1/2 hour. May your journey on the timeline be abundant filled with love, joy, inner harmony and peace. Bright Blessings...Ms.Solaris BlueRaven

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