Ms. Solaris BlueRaven

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Advanced Sciences Research

To anyone who has followed my research, interviews and books over the years you are aware I have been researching and decoding technology which was covertly deployed on me starting in 2004. It takes funding to break down this technology. At this point I work at my own financial expense with no assistance from any organization. I would appreciate any donations to expedite my research which will also allow me to travel more and offer lectures etc. including more scientific scans and studies.  If you are inclined please go to my Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives website and hit the donate button. You can also donate on this site. There are many devices I am looking into currently for measuring waves, healing and observing the signal encrypted. Any support you can show for my research is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Solaris BlueRaven.  For information regarding private readings, expert presentations, healing or alchemical workshops, television appearances and radio show invitations go to the contact section. .  You can donate by clicking on the button below or my following this link. Thank you. Ms. BlueRaven.